Kind Living with Sue Sinclair Yoga Studio and Boutique

Adaptation vs Maladaptation

Each week, Sue writes a short essay in the weekly Kind Living newsletters. This week she shared her research and insights on adaptation and maladaptation: Practicing yoga the other day, I was struck with how the body has the capacity to change. “Isn’t adaptation remarkable?” I said to Robb. As many of you know, I…


When to Replace Your Shoes

Do you need to replace your shoes? Here’s how you’ll know Robb shares 3 key things he considers when replacing shoes. How many miles are you putting on your shoes? What surfaces are you running on? Are your treads worn down? Robb dives into these questions and more in the short video below to help…


Goal Setting

As a former planning and marketing consultant, working with clients to identify, clarify and evaluate goals was a big part of my work. Virtually every project I was involved with began with a discussion about goals. For some people – and I’m one of them – running is similar. I’m much more disciplined and focused…

Expanding circles with the words self, family, community, country and world

Orbits of Respect

Sue and I have been talking a lot about the concept of respect the past week or so and what that means in the pursuit of our best selves, whether that’s on the trails, at work, with family and friends or even complete strangers. That begot the question, “What is respect?” Or, more accurately, what…