Robb and Sue Talking about injury prevention

Ankle Rolling Prevention

Legal or not, you don’t want to roll these joints  Marijuana just became legal in Canada. Needless to say, pot jokes are popping up faster than marijuana plants on steroids.  One that got my attention and was the impetus for this post was perfect for trail running and posted by a friend on Facebook:  “I don’t always…

Fall trail with leaves

Gratitude and Choice

It’s Municipal Election Day today in Ontario. As I was pondering what to write about, two words came to mind: Gratitude and Choice. And although there is a lot to be grateful for everyday, today, the gratitude lens is particularly focused on our good fortune in this community, province and country to be able to…

Women handing a customer his bag

“No Problem”

“No problem.”   Two simple words that say so little and so much at the same time. They seem to say so little because of the ubiquitousness of the expression. I hear it a lot now in stores, restaurants, service organizations…everywhere!   And I think that’s unfortunate because they do say so little in that context, but they also can say…

Kind Living with Sue Sinclair Yoga Studio and Boutique

Adaptation vs Maladaptation

Each week, Sue writes a short essay in the weekly Kind Living newsletters. This week she shared her research and insights on adaptation and maladaptation: Practicing yoga the other day, I was struck with how the body has the capacity to change. “Isn’t adaptation remarkable?” I said to Robb. As many of you know, I…