Good value(s)

Does it matter what a company’s values are? Does that impact how you buy and whom you buy from? Or is it more simply about the best price for the best quality – a different type of value? From a business planning perspective, I have always worked from the model that the company’s values are…

Vision Board 2019

2019 Vision Boards

2019 – Brought to you by the letter E Did you know that the second Saturday in January is National Vision Board Day (at least in the United States)? No? Don’t fret; nor did I, and I bet many others didn’t either. It’s not exactly up there with Christmas, New Year’s, or even International Coffee…

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New Year’s Resolutions

Do you do New Year’s resolutions?   I have read that fewer than 50% of North Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Of those, 80% have given up by February, and, ultimately, only 10% actually follow through with them. Arguably, not a great success rate.   So maybe it’s not surprising that fewer than half of us bother to make them.   But…

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A Natural Prescription

It was 1990. I was a grad student at the University of Western Ontario in the Physical Education program. For one of my courses, I had to do a research paper on Canadian sport or fitness policy, and I chose ParticipAction. I remember being intrigued by the history, the social condition (declining rates of physical…


Giving Tuesday

It’s Cyber Monday. Which follows Black Friday. In a month’s time, it will be Christmas. In other words, buy stuff. Although we’re in the business of selling things to people through both Up and Out and Kind Living, I have issues with over promotion and consumption. At the risk of appearing to yell from atop…

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International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day – Do we really need this? Maybe… Looking for inspiration for this blog post, I turned to several observance day calendars. Top for November 19 is International Men’s Day. At first glance, somehow, that just didn’t seem worthy. But I was curious. A quick review of Wikipedia’s description reveals there are six…