The Dog Days of Winter

Ziggy, our five year-old Retriever-Husky rescue from Northern Ontario is not a fan of summer. But come winter, the playful puppy re-emerges, and he can’t wait to run. And pull. Ziggy was made for winter activities like pulling while we ski (skijoring), winter trail run (cani-cross) and snowshoe (I don’t know if there’s a K9…


Slip Slidin’ Away

I’m guessing Paul Simon wasn’t contemplating icy Orillia roads and sidewalks when he wrote Slip Slidin’ Away in the 1970s. Nor was he likely thinking about the risk of falls because of those treacherous winter conditions. But if the shoe fits… But maybe that’s the problem; the shoe doesn’t fit. At least it doesn’t fit…


Good value(s)

Does it matter what a company’s values are? Does that impact how you buy and whom you buy from? Or is it more simply about the best price for the best quality – a different type of value? From a business planning perspective, I have always worked from the model that the company’s values are…

Vision Board 2019

2019 Vision Boards

2019 – Brought to you by the letter E Did you know that the second Saturday in January is National Vision Board Day (at least in the United States)? No? Don’t fret; nor did I, and I bet many others didn’t either. It’s not exactly up there with Christmas, New Year’s, or even International Coffee…

Robb wearing the Up and Out T shirt Black

New Year’s Resolutions

Do you do New Year’s resolutions?   I have read that fewer than 50% of North Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Of those, 80% have given up by February, and, ultimately, only 10% actually follow through with them. Arguably, not a great success rate.   So maybe it’s not surprising that fewer than half of us bother to make them.   But…

Ziggy and Kula GoPro

A Natural Prescription

It was 1990. I was a grad student at the University of Western Ontario in the Physical Education program. For one of my courses, I had to do a research paper on Canadian sport or fitness policy, and I chose ParticipAction. I remember being intrigued by the history, the social condition (declining rates of physical…