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A Natural Prescription

It was 1990. I was a grad student at the University of Western Ontario in the Physical Education program. For one of my courses, I had to do a research paper on Canadian sport or fitness policy, and I chose ParticipAction. I remember being intrigued by the history, the social condition (declining rates of physical…


Giving Tuesday

It’s Cyber Monday. Which follows Black Friday. In a month’s time, it will be Christmas. In other words, buy stuff. Although we’re in the business of selling things to people through both Up and Out and Kind Living, I have issues with over promotion and consumption. At the risk of appearing to yell from atop…

Robb and sons on the trail

International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day – Do we really need this? Maybe… Looking for inspiration for this blog post, I turned to several observance day calendars. Top for November 19 is International Men’s Day. At first glance, somehow, that just didn’t seem worthy. But I was curious. A quick review of Wikipedia’s description reveals there are six…

Robb and Sue Talking about injury prevention

Ankle Rolling Prevention

Legal or not, you don’t want to roll these joints  Marijuana just became legal in Canada. Needless to say, pot jokes are popping up faster than marijuana plants on steroids.  One that got my attention and was the impetus for this post was perfect for trail running and posted by a friend on Facebook:  “I don’t always…

Fall trail with leaves

Gratitude and Choice

It’s Municipal Election Day today in Ontario. As I was pondering what to write about, two words came to mind: Gratitude and Choice. And although there is a lot to be grateful for everyday, today, the gratitude lens is particularly focused on our good fortune in this community, province and country to be able to…